Calendar of Events

Oct  28  2017   SSIE Brunch/General Meeting.- 10:00am-1pm. San Bernardino Golf Club 1494 S. Waterman av. San Bernardino ca.92408.
                         $15 per member. Last day to accept RSVP and checks is Oct 18th. This is our last food drop-off event for the year for the Childhood Cancer Foundation.
                         Please check the dates on your food items and food cards that they our good thru NOV 2017 Thank you.
Nov 23 2017    The SSIE Wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Dec 2  2017   Rustic Tea- Martha Greens Eating Room.
                       105 E. Citrus av. Redlands,ca 92373
                       3:30-5pm.$25. Make checks to SSIE.
                       Mail checks to 644 Patton ca.92369-0644.
                       no latter than Nov 26th. Thank You.
Dec 25 2017  The SSIE Wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Jan 27  2018  11th Annual Robert Burns Dinner.
                       The Doubletree Inn, 285 E.Hospitality  Lane. San Bernardino,ca.92408 
                        5-10pm.$55 per member / $60 per non-member. Make checks to SSIE.
                       Mail to P.O.Box 644 Patton,ca.92369-0644  For more information call Mr Bob Leeton [909]425-8427

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